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Simple Website

These are 4 page HTML websites, with no automatic emailing system or any sort of fancy type stuff, its perfect for getting your presence known on the web.

R4,000 per Website.
Payable in 3 installments or in monthly.

3 installments:
R1000, R2000, R1000

Monthly payments:
R333.34 per month with a starter hosting

Medium Website

These are great for small businesses that are looking to get extra business in, to grow their client base and the business. Hopefully enough to become a larger business.

R6,000 per Website.
Payable in 3 to 4 installments or in monthly

3 Installments:
R1500, R3000, R1500

4 Installments:
R1500, R1500, R1500, R1500

Monthly Payments:
R500 per month with a basic hosting

Complex Website

This is the one you will need, if you are looking for an E-commerce website with a few more features to really pull clients in for you.

R8,000 per Website.
Payable in 4 installments or in monthly.

4 Installments:
R2000, R2000, R2000, R2000

Monthly Payments:
R666.67 per month with a home hosting

HTML Websites

Simple HTML Website


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R333.34 / month

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HTML Websites

Medium HTML Website


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R500.00 / month

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HTML Websites

Complex HTML Website


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Rated 3.00 out of 5
R666.67 / month

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