Website Development

We have a range of website development options, from a one-page website all the way up to a full business Content Managment System. If you have your own design no stress we can make it come alive. Click below today and allow us to show you, your options today.


Host your Website

Easy, and affordable. Every website needs a place to stay, view our range of hosting package’s that best fits your requirements. Are you not to sure of what you need, well just go ahead and have a look and let us know that we should give you a hand. Free Transfer.


Maintain your website

Have you been hacked or just have a couple of things that you needing updates on your website, well this is the right option for you just click the button below and let’s get started updating or fixing your website for a very affordable price. Hire a coder today.

About MindTag

Director of MindTagMindTag has been around since 2011. Our clients enjoy growth and development with outstanding service and support over the years. MindTag Technical Support is owned by Jason te Brugge, the owner and leader supporting clients all over South Africa. From Developing a website, hosting your website to making sure it always is up and running is what we are all about. With the ability to build or fix a website that is only code to a CMS like WordPress and more.

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