It is everything

You need a name to start off with. Allow us to help you find the right name for your business or project. The name is the most important part of your online presence.


Your websites home

Hosting is like a house or an office, its a place where you are going to run your website from.
We have many different options for you, allow us to assist your move today.


Invent the new you

Let’s build you exactly what you need, understanding your business and tailoring a website to grow your company, making your new website your best sales person.


Getting you forward

Once you have a Website you need to keep it optimized, making sure that your new clients are able to find you and your company easily. Its time to grow.


Allow us to update you

We can effectively update your website. You dont need to fall behind and allow your new clients to see your old projects, or even miss out on your great deals.

Meet Our Team

Simone Jaggard

Accounts and HR

James Butterworth


Joshua Rabe

Project planner and Junior Developer

Jason Te Brugge

Customer Support and Lead Developer

Riaan Coetzee

Client Relations and Management

Marco Titus

Sales Representative


We are a great team that are passionate about you and your great business moving forward. We create websites that helps you to reach the goals and dreams of your business, so that we can aid the success of your business. We are always expanding our knowledge and understanding to provide you with the best service we possibly can, providing intelligent, swift and pin-pointed support. We at MindTag are excited about teaching you how valuable the online world is.

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